Teaching old dogs, new tricks

Teaching old dogs, new tricks


Teaching old dogs, new tricks

By Luke Galea

I think it would be fair to say that the majority of us would owe our fishing addiction to our fathers. I am sure there would be some people who have picked it up later in life or have been taught by friends or other family members, but I think that would probably be the minority.

For me, I fondly remember my old man taking me down to the farm dam on the back of his ag-bike when I was probably 4 years. It is here where I caught my first ever fish and my fishing addiction stemmed from. Who would have thought it would be engrained so firmly within my core to this very day. We use to use an unweighted piece of red meat and watch dozens of spangled perch fight over our baits. It was so exciting because it was so visual and it is something I will never forget. There was even one day where I could not wait for dad to cut up the bait so I cast in my shiny silver hook and was absolutely gobsmacked when I caught a feisty spangled perch on it. I think dad was even more gobsmacked than I was to be honest. As I become more confident in my fishing ability, I dared to try and catch these fish on little minnow divers and spinners. As I look back on it now, it actually makes me smile because as anglers we are always trying to challenge ourselves which is exactly what I was doing here from a young age. For example, nowadays it is very commonly known fact you can catch a heap of whiting on yabbies BUT if you really want to make it more challenging for yourself as an angler, we will try catch them on poppers etc. Do you get my drift? This challenging instinct was present at even this young age.

Anyways, getting to the point of this article, my old man had never caught a barra before so when he visited me lately on holidays, it was my duty to try and return the favour.

Kinchant Dam Mackay, is one of my favourite fishing locations, bar none. The excitement is enhanced by the anticipation that on one cast you could catch a 60cm pup and then a few casts later, it could be a 120cm donkey. This is the allure of impoundment fishing.

Cutting a long story short, the old man actually managed to land 2 nice barra that were both 90cm in length. Not bad fish for his first I reckon. I know blokes who have been chasing them for a year or two and still haven’t managed a 90 yet. The old boy was as excited as a kid on Christmas and didn’t stop shaking for about 15 minutes. Luckily, just avoiding embarrassment, I managed 1 nice fish also before the bite shut down.

The old man was using my Shimano Sustain 4000FD and I was using my new Shimano Stradic 5000FK. Both of these reels were matched up to 10-20lb sticks, 20lb braid and 60lb leader.