Benefits of Jigging Gloves

Benefits of Jigging Gloves

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Benefits of Jigging Gloves

By Shane Murton

There was a time where if you wore a set of gloves while fishing you'd be ridiculed by mates, but thankfully this seems to be a thing of the past, as their many benefits become apparent. Fishing gloves are now an accepted part of on-water fashion, but more importantly can add significantly to your fishing experience.

For various intensive fishing styles like popping and jigging, that require long periods of quite vigorous rod and reel work, gloves are basically a must-have in your kit. Every time I get flippant in this area it's amazing how quick hands can blister if there's any 'rub points' on the reel handle in particular. Once you've blistered up your hand(s) you can be in quite a lot of pain for the rest of your trip, and even put out of commission - not cool, particularly if you're on an extended fishin' mission!

Gloves offer many benefits, from protecting you from the sun, keeping your hands warm, through to limiting fish spines and braid cuts, providing extra grip, and reducing the abovementioned wear and tear on your hands from various forms of high-octane lure work.

Shimano Ocea Jigging Gloves have all the desirable attributes you could ask for. They're lightweight, dry fast and offer great flexibility, so you can fish unimpeded and really get stuck in. They look cool as well, being black with gold trim, with the '3D' Ocea logo on the back.

On a recent trip to NZ where we had five days of full-on kingfish jigging the gloves performed well and offered plenty of comfort, held up well to the abuse, and did all you could ask of them on a trip where innumerable large kingfish and other species were landed.

For those after general wear gloves while fishing, or looking to take some on a hardcore sportfishing trip, they come recommended. Shimano Ocea Jigging Gloves come in two sizes, L and XL. Check them out at your nearest Shimano stockist!